Collier "Cancer" - Gold

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  • Necklace "Cancer" - Gold

    Astrological sign : Cancer
    Passage of the sun in your sign : June 22 to July 22.
    Word that defines you: Sensitivity
    Description:As the name of the necklace suggests, you have a great sensitivity to what surrounds you. You try to please everyone, and you are very fragile in the face of attacks from others. You take them next level, becausecar you hate bickering and confrontation. Also, you love to create and you have an unparalleled imagination, but it is in the family that you find the best way to flourish.. A sentence that suits you well:Hey, can you live on love and fresh water SIVOUPLAIT.T.
    Necklace in 925 silver plated with 18K gold. The length of the necklace is between 40 and 45 cm. The diameter of the medallion is 1.8 cm.
    SKU: CAN-COLL-191117