Necklace "Gemini" - Gold

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  • Necklace "Gemini" - Gold

    Astrological sign : Gemini
    Passage of the sun in your sign : May 21 to June 21.
    Word that defines you: 1-2-1-2
    Description:Great natural interlocutor, your communication skills are quite sweet with others. When you talk, everyone is listening and you know how to get a message across. You stand out with your lively spirit and your personalized approach with each person you meet. Every day, to hell with the routine, it's boring to death. You need to be constantly challenged intellectually.. A sentence that represents you? Life should be lived at 10,000 km / hour!
    Necklace in 925 silver plated with 18K gold. The length of the necklace is between 40 and 45 cm. The diameter of the medallion is 1.8 cm.
    SKU: GÉM-COLL-191117