Necklace "Lion" - Silver

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  • Necklace "Lion" - Silver

    Astrological sign : Lion
    Passage of the sun in your sign : July 23 to August 22.
    Word that defines you: Strength
    Description:You are the Queen B of the jungle! Everywhere you go, gazes fall naturally on you. You give off something strong, and you have great ambitions.Always surrounded by a lot of friends, you know how to bring the troops together so that you have the most festive time! Partyyyyy! You have a very strong personality which can be seen as straightforward and expeditious, but your great need for love outweighs authority and makes you a perfect A sentence that represents you:We rush with Beyoncé in the lpiton..
    Necklace in 925 silver plated with 18K gold. The length of the necklace is between 40 and 45 cm. The diameter of the medallion is 1.8 cm.
    SKU: LIO-ARG-200115